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Izaka recycling: cradle-to-cradle project

The world's population has reached 7 billion and is predicted to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. As World population grows the need for cleaner and greener technologies will increase. Meeting this demand will be challenging, to say the least, and places ever increasing pressure on all of us. At Izaka we are committed to help meet the challenge of carbon foot-print reduction, through designing and producing a broad range of green products from recyclable materials. For this reason we developed the cradle to cradle concept.

Our research and development team continues to search for new answers. Hence, we continue to invest in more advanced and efficient technologies.

As environmental considerations move higher up the corporate agenda, large corporations are forced to seek breakthroughs in managing waste generated in their processes. As local authorities begin to embrace green technologies, Producers and Retailers will ultimately also see the need to be part of the green revolution.

At Izaka we regard ourselves as green pioneers and are committed to developing innovative breakthroughs to assist Producers and Retailers to reduce their environmental foot-print.

The Izaka cradle-to-cradle initiative is designed to retrieve the product once it is disposed of, recycle it and then reproduce product from that secondary packaging waste. These products would include garbage bags and shopping bags for household use.

These products are to be promoted as manufactured from 100% recycled waste generated by specific corporates.